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 Aadhar Card Benefits for government & Citizens

Aadhar card is a unique identification issued by a government after due scrutiny of scanning and date of individuals. However, it is very important and unique number of issues only once in the citizen’s lifetime. It is very effective identity proof by not a proof of citizens and address to avail various schemes and facilities like direct benefit transfer of government like in the ration, domestic gas and much more. In addition, the identification is also essential for passport application. Moreover, the use the aadhar card has been increased onwards. The identification is used for opening bank accounts and other needs anywhere in the country.

If you don’t have aadhar card, immediately apply for it by using simple methods. There are two types of process is available such as offline application process and online application process. Candidates want to select the best one from that.  Once you know eligibility of getting the aadhar card, then you want to apply for it. Candidates are going to apply for aadhar card once this will take a bit of time. Some proper procedure is available for applying for aadhar card and wants to submit biometric data and some required details.  In addition, the process also includes verifying the details and then finally get the aadhar card. However, aadhar card is also known as E-Aadhar letter.

Process and eligibility of obtaining aadhar card:

Living any citizen of the country is eligible for applying for aadhar card. Apart from that, there is no barrier whenever you are applying for aadhar card. When you are applying for the aadhar card the cast details, religion or creed, social background and financial background are not taken into account. Candidates want to go through the registration process first for applying. Some of the details are required for this process such

  • Photograph
  • Address proof
  • Fingerprint

These are most essential details and documents need at the time of applying for aadhar card.

  1. Aadhar card download,
  2. Aadhar card status,
  3. Aadhaar helpline toll-free number,
  4. Aadhaar application form,
  5. Aadhaar update / correction,
  6. Aadhaar card linking.

Apply for aadhar card / online application forms:

When you decide to apply for aadhar card, then you want to search for the application process through the internet. From a number of processes, candidates want to choose the right method that can take less time. In the busy scheduled world, people don’t have time to visit the office to apply for aadhar card. For those people are wanted to utilise the internet for applying for aadhar card. The process also takes simple steps and methods that can use candidates feel hassle free while applying for aadhar card through online.

Simple Process to apply for aadhar card:

  • The process of applying for aadhar card is easier for candidates when they utilize the official website of the aadhar card.
  • Candidates want to visit the website first
  • In that page, candidates want to click on apply for aadhar card.
  • The application form will be displayed and the candidates want to download i.
  • After downloading the application form the candidates want to fill the name, phone number, email id and many more essential details. Candidates are recommended to fill the form carefully with valid and original details.
  • Once you fill the details you want to select the centre of the enrollment and date and time of the appointment online. It is important for candidates to visit one of the aadhar card centres to register for a card.

How to check aadhar enrollment status:

To check the aadhar enrollment status the candidates have opted to go the website and then use the enrolment number to see the aadhar number is allotted or not. The checking process of aadhar card status is simple and can be done through online.

Check the status of the aadhar number through SMS:

Another important and simple way of checking the status of the aadhar number is done through SMS. Candidates can get aadhar card number through SMS the candidates all have to do is to go the official website and then entering the date and time of the appointment and enrolment number. Apart from that, in the page candidates want to enter the registered mobile number that can help candidates will receive the message quickly.

Getting aadhar card Enrollment online:

In Metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata Hyderabad you can book Aadhhar appointment online. but you have to go aadhaar enrollment centres for correction or New Aadhaar Registration.

Once the documents like the biometric date have been submitted the candidate have to wait bit time before aadhar card arrives. The aadhar car will be sent to candidates through different ways like the post. If the candidate is allowed to get the aadhar card, then they may easily download it from online.  The following steps will helpful for candidates when they download the copy of the Eaadhar letter or aadhar card.

  • The candidates first want to go to the E-aadhar card section of the website
  • At the page, the candidates will be shown an Aadhaar application form which can be filled by using an enrolment number or aadhar card number. If you have an enrolment number enters the number on that page.
  • The applicants want to enter the accurate date and time as it appears on the slip of acknowledgement.
  • Applicants need to enter the name and pin code of the area.
  • Want to enter the mobile number registered with aadhar card.
  • If the application has aadhar card number, just need to enter the number along with name, mobile number and pin code.

When the details are entered, the applicant can generate a one-time password or OPT that will help to download a recent and a color version of E-Aadhar letter that is also valid as the aadhar card.

Make aadhar card correction through online:

When you like to update current address and need to correct name and other details, you need to apply for it through online. It is very easy and sends change requests through online. Many details the candidates can be modified with the help of the web portal like incorrect date of birth, gender, name and many details.

  • Visit the web portal  Aadhaar correction.
  • In that page now you want to click on send the one time password.
  • Immediately you will receive an OTP on your mobile phone,
  • After receiving the one-time password the applicant wants to enter the OTP number and then processed.
  • Select the field of the like chance name or surname,
  • Fill the correct details in those fields,
  • Upload any of the proof of the correction,
  • At the end of the process applicant can get  URN number.
  • The applicant wants to keep this number safely because this number will be helping to track down the progress.

Link aadhar card into gas connection through online:

People those who like to undertake the linking process to the comfort of homes can link their aadhar cards to LPG connection. The following guidelines can help to complete the linking process.

  • Visit the specific website and then enter the requisite information
  • You want to choose the benefit type. If you are like to linking aadhar card into gas connection, you want to choose LPG,
  • Want to choose the name of the distribution from the list and then enter LPG consumer number on that page.
  • Enter email address, aadhar card number and mobile number before submitting the form.
  • Once the request has been registered and details in the form will be verified. After the completion of the verification process, you will receive confirmation.  Checkout Aadhaar card linking.

Link aadhaar card with voter id:

  • For linking aadhar card to voter id, you need to follow easy methods. It takes less time and can be useful in future.
  • On top of the voter ID card, locate card number that is a 10 character in length. Open the national voter’s service web portal.
  • On this page, the applicant wants to enter the voter id number, mobile number, and aadhar number.

When the applicant entered all the required details want to click on the submit button. After a few seconds, you will be receive confirming of the request for seeding aadhar card to voter id.

Link bank account to aadhar card:

Now, the government offers a number of facilities of aadhar card holders. Most of the people are confused on how to link the aadhar card to the bank account. For those people, the following information will be helpful. The process takes just a couple of minutes to link aadhar card to the bank account. Many benefits people can get when they are linking aadhar card to the bank account. The foremost benefit of linking a bank account to aadhar card is that helps people to receive benefits and subsidies amount under the government schemes into their bank accounts. Through the process of linking aadhar card to the bank account, the government easily to identify route welfare payouts and genuine beneficiaries.

There are two major ways are available to link an aadhar card to bank accounts such as the online and offline method.  The process of linking aadhar card to a bank account through online is the easier. Apart from that, link the accounts via the net banking portal of the specific bank.  If you like to get a lot of benefits of linking aadhar card to a bank account, you just make simple process. These processes will be easier for you and easy to understand everyone can do it easily.  If you like to save your money when you linking the aadhar card to the account, you want to utilize the online process. This whole information will be useful for all aadhar card holders.